Our Wild Greens Favorites

Where the Wild Greens AR now has two on campus locations, and with this new location we thought it would be extra helpful if we gave y’all some suggestions on what to add to your bowl!

It can be a little overwhelming. There is this line forming behind you and you’re making people late to class because you, you kind soul, are stuck deciding what dressing you want. You just kind of threw things you love into a bowl and you didn’t think about how it would all come together! The dressing you choose can literally make or break your entire bowl, so you just choose one randomly out of panic…

Am I being a little dramatic? Oh, for sure. But I needed you to understand how some people might feel overwhelmed when given so many amazing options to choose from at Wild Greens!


Our Wellness Intern Sam, has Celiac Disease and is here to share with you her favorite Wild Greens bowl! Since with Celiac Disease Sam has to be extra careful due to cross-contamination, she chooses to not add crunchies to her bowl but to really add on the fun toppings! Sam proves daily that you can still eat fun and comfortably without gluten.

The greens: Butterhead lettuce & arugula

The grain: White rice

The toppings: Tomatoes, carrots, Kalamata olives, feta, sweet potato salad, hummus

The sauce: Greek viniagrette

The protein: Chicken


Wild Greens was originally developed as a sustainable retail location. In case you hadn’t heard: the Butterhead lettuce we use is grown in our very own on campus Freight Farm! Amelia, our Sustainability Intern, shared with me her insight on creating a sustainable meal and bowl at Wild Greens. Generally, it’s best to eat produce that is in season because it comes from farms that are geographically closer. This means that the produce carries a lower carbon footprint from transportation. The fun thing about this bowl is that it changes with the season, so a summer sustainable bowl would include tomatoes and cucumbers instead of sweet potatoes and beets. Choosing a vegetarian protein might be considered the most impactful component to this bowl, as meat production takes up much more land and water resources than plant agriculture!

The greens: Butterhead lettuce

The grains: Farro

The toppings: Carrots, sweet potato salad and beets

The sauce:Lemon-honey ginger dressing

The protein:FalafelT


Kendra is one of our kitchen leaders who lives her life following a vegan lifestyle. She is passionate about her choice to go vegan and has helped us create several vegan friendly options across campus! She shares two of her favorite bowl combinations, one with an Asian flare and the other which is very Greek!

The greens: Butterhead lettuce & arugula

The toppings: Carrots, sweet potato salad, tomatoes, lime wedge, pickled onions

The sauce: Peanut sauce

The protein: Tofu

The crunchies: Pumpkin seeds

Dietitian’s Delight

Registered Dietitian Ashley Meek has her favorite bowl to share with you too! It’s colorful and flavor packed and does not skimp on nutrients either! It can be easy to lose track when building a bowl and end up with a 1,000 calorie salad! But Ashley is going to share a way to create a nutrient-dense bowl that taste amazing and will leave you feeling energized.

The greens: Butterhead lettuce & arugula

The toppings: Sweet potato salad, rainbow carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, feta cheese, lemon garlic hummus

The grain: Brown Rice

The sauce: Chimichurri sauce

The protein: Chicken

The crunchies: Roasted pumpkin seeds


This is Kendra’s second vegan bowl suggestion! As you can see, she builds her bowls to follow a kind of theme. This can help ensure that your bowl’s ingredients all work well together! Kendra is sure to use lemon and lime wedges in her bowls to give a little added flavor and zing, this can take place of how we use dairy, such as feta.

The greens: Butterhead lettuce & arugula

The toppings: Garlic hummus, tomatoes, mushrooms, lemon wedge, garbanzo beans, Kalamata Olives, cucumbers

The sauce: Greek vinaigrette

The protein: Falafel

Which Bowl is Your Fave?

At Wild Greens we love having so many amazing options to choose from! From greens and grains to toppings and crunchies, we’ve got you covered for just about every flavor profile. What we love most about these featured bowls is that we have created bold flavors that accommodate many food preferences! At Wild Greens we are able to serve just about anyone without limiting the flavors of their bowl. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or have a food allergy, I hope this post has helped you find new ways to build a flavor-packed bowl that fits your needs!