Win Over your Valentine with Seal the Deal


Everyone’s dreamiest or most dreaded holiday is right around the corner and it is finally time to woo over that classmate you’ve been crushing on all semester. Well, lucky YOU because here at Chartwells we’ve got your back! Whether sweets are the way to their heart or a romantic dinner for two, we have deals that won’t break the bank for a hopeless romantic like you who’s ballin’ on a budget.

Monday – Breakfast with Bae

Start off Valentine’s week with a celebration of love for your bae. At Au Bon Pain (in the Arkansas Union) we’re doing a buy one breakfast sandwich or pastry, get one half off. Bring a rose and a fancy beret from home and imagine you and your special someone under the Eiffel Tower eating a chocolate croissant (from Au Bon Pain), staring into each others eyes.


Tuesday – One Milkshake, Two Straws

Make Valentines iconic. Flash back to a 1950’s diner, you and your sweetheart on the same side of the booth sippin’ a red velvet shake with a cherry on top. What’s more romantic than that? Make this flashback come to life when you buy fries at True Burger and you get a milkshake half off. So, go grab those fries and milkshake, two straws and a nice booth with mood lighting at the Union Food Court.


Wednesday – Lady and the Tramp

Everyone dreams of a movie moment like Lady and the Tramp. A candle lit dinner, staring into each others eyes while staring a plate of pasta and then two noodles turns to one. How romantic is that?  Come to Rustic Italian and ignite the romance with our buy a pasta and get a meatball half off deal. We hope to be your Chef Tony, the truest wing man.


Thursday – Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop

A classic early 2000’s song that is perfect for this week of love and we’ve matched a deal that shows your crush that you love them a latte. At Peabody Perks – buy any drink and get a heart-shaped cookie for just $1! Whether you want to give it all away or keep it all for yourself, this deal is the perfect treat to celebrate Cupid’s Day.


Friday – Treat yo Crush

Valentines means HEART SHAPED EVERYTHING plus, an excuse to consume copious amounts of chocolate. And our advice for you? Chocolate is the answer. At both Club Red locations (Arkansas Union + Brough), we will be doing a 5% off candy bundle of Crush + Muddy Buddies. So go ahead, get them something to make them feel like a million-box (of chocolates).