Can We Get a Little Upgrade?

Did you notice the Union Food Court looks different?

The Arkansas Union food court was completely renovated over the summer. We’re now dining in the 21st century! It now includes:

  • Full-service Chick-fil-A (with breakfast AND shakes)
  • Pei Wei (yes, Pei Wei!)
  • Rustic Italian (serves pizza, pasta, subs, salads and more Italian favorites)
  • True Burger (feat. new menu items like loaded fries, southwest burger, Cali burger, pulled pork burger, and fisher’s sandwich)
  • Flying Burrito

And the million-dollar question, YES – all locations offer dinner meal trade (insert happy dance here).

wow kid

Where the Wild Greens AR x2?

We’ve recently converted what was Freshens and Sushi with Gusto in the Arkansas Union to another location of Where the Wild Greens AR (yippee). With the success of the location in Founders, we decided to bring it to the center of campus! Their menu consists of salads, plus, are you ready? SMOOTHIES! Six of them! Matcha Mango, Tropical Green, Maple Hill, Banana Nut, Kayla’s Berry, and Golden Ginger + a limited time only option featuring that month’s superfood (this month: Apple Crisp). Founders hasn’t been forgotten! Smoothies are coming to that location soon!     


Melt Lab

Don’t worry! We didn’t forget about all the people living on the other side of campus! Melt Lab, located at Maple Hill is now serving chicken strips! Because we know for many of you, chicken strips are like your family.

chicken nuggets kid

Sushi w/ Gusto

Sushi with Gusto has moved locations! It was previously located in The Union but is now sharing the space under Brough with Quiznos. We have new menu items which include ramen + poke bowls + donburi + sushi burritos, and it is open 7 days a week with meal trade from 6pm to 9pm. Come check it out and get your sushi fix!