A Senior’s Guide: 5 places to Study Outside of Mullins

Hi! Kaleigh, here! Sometimes we could use a change of scenery; to get out and get away. This can be hard as a college student. Between classes, friends, and studying it can be hard to find time, let alone deciding where to go! At least this was the mindset of Freshman Kaleigh. As it turns out  you can still get out and be productive simply by studying outside of Mullins.

Now I’m not dissing Club Mullins at all. It is a great place to study, especially when you need a study room or a librarians help finding a research journal. And lets not forget the free printing!! However, when the middle of October comes around and you find yourself talking to your friends in Mullins more than studying, it might be nice to get away.

I have compiled from my four years in Fayetteville a list of 5 types of places to study outside of Mullins when you’re wanting to get away.



Who doesn’t love coffee? Well if you don’t it will soon become your best friend in college, and if not maybe try some relaxing tea! Coffee shops are a great place to study because you have refreshments to keep your energy going and free wifi. PLUS there are tons of them all over Fayetteville. Some of my favorites are Einstein Bros, Momma Carmen’s, Puritans, or the ever trusty Starbucks


blog_studyOkay, so maybe its hard for you to get of    campus due to transportation or you really only have an hour before you have to be somewhere. There’s still tons of places besides Mullins to hang and get work done. Try getting outside at the Greek Theater, hiding in some comfy booths at the union, or trying smaller libraries like the chemistry library.



Sometimes coffee shops and other places on campus get busy with other people studying, especially during finals. That’s okay! Because you now know that there are tons of places in Fayetteville to Study. Try the public library, go old school and hang at Barnes and Noble, eat a cookie and spend hours at Panera. It might sound funny, but trust me a lot of people do it! And there’s free wifi at all of these locations.



Occasionally it’s nice to be able to go outside and enjoy the sun while you study, especially if you carry a lot of hours or work a job that keeps you inside. Whenever you don’t need wifi and are rewriting notes or reading, try going to some of Fayetteville’s many parks. Enjoy the natural state by hammocking at Wilson Park, Lake Fayetteville, or Gully Park!



Maybe you rent a house here in Fayetteville, or maybe your parents live in Springdale. Great! Studying at home allows you to easily focus in a comfortable environment. Don’t have such luck? That’s okay! Sorority and fraternity houses offer the same comfortable feelings and are on campus. Maybe you have a friend whose parents live near by that y’all can study together, or maybe you have a small group leader or mentor who would be willing to let you come over. There are plenty of ways to get the “study at home” feeling.

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