I love you Coffee.

I love you Coffee.

I never understand how my roommates wake up so early and their explanation is “my body just woke me up.” I always nod and reply with “oh wow” or “that’s weird,” but in my head all I can think about is how made up that sounds. For me, morning is my least favorite time of the day. It is very unusual to find me out of bed before 10:30 am cause lets face it, I’m a sleepy girl. If I don’t have things to accomplish (or sometimes even if I do) you can find me sleeping. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that I rely on coffee to make me a better person during the day. For those that are skeptical about coffee in any way, I’ve broken down why I love coffee into 5 simple reasons.

Reason #1 The smell.

Not only does coffee taste delicious, it smells delicious. One of the perks of living at home with my parents was having an automatic coffee pot. Every morning the coffee would brew on its own and the aroma would fill our house and even better, my heart. Having to get out of bed is not all that exciting, but knowing there is coffee downstairs absolutely changes things.

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Reason #2 The Caffeine.

Coffee gives me just enough caffeine to make starting my day sound doable. One 12 oz. cup of regular brewed coffee contains anywhere from 50-300 mg of caffeine depending on brand and roast. Each day is different. Luckily, the amount of caffeine you consume can be based solely on the amount of energy you need.

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Reason #3 The Togetherness.

Coffee dates have become increasingly popular in my life as all my friends and I have grown up and gotten busy. Being able to grab coffee with a friend not only helps me get my caffeine fix but it creates a space to catch up with each other about life. Coffee and friends create the perfect therapist. Sad? Get some coffee with a friend. Happy? Get some coffee with a friend. Mad? Get some coffee with a friend (or maybe by yourself). Ever noticed how the entire Friends show is centered around coffee? That’s because it’s the one thing they can all do together while physically doing nothing.


Reason #4 The Uniqueness.

If you’re like me, you probably enjoy change. Coffee doesn’t discriminate if you want to change it up once in a while. If its cold out, hot coffee is the way to go. Is it hot out? Grab an iced latte and get on your way. In addition to the temperatures, you can change the flavors and the type of creamer. Coffee shops are always trying new recipes and featuring new drinks, talk about a fun way to start your day!

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Reason #5 The Feel.

I know what you’re thinking…but no I don’t mean the physical feeling of a scorching hot cup of coffee. I’m talking about the feeling you get when are drinking that first cup of coffee in the morning. Coffee allows me to get 5 minutes to myself before a hectic day starts, 5 minutes to get my thoughts together and to get my mind ready to be in conversation with others. Coffee is my calm before the storm.

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