February Chef Night

Hey, it’s Wellness intern Ashton! I went to Chef Night for this month and the time I spent there I definitely didn’t regret, so I thought I’d fill you all in.

If you didn’t know, Chef Night here at the University of Arkansas isn’t your average night dining on campus. It takes place one night a month where Chartwells chefs come together under one roof and showcase their culinary skills. Each chef creates a different dish of whatever they please.

As Chef Flint states, Chef Night is “a good opportunity to express yourself and challenge our students to try new things.” Chefs are able to create more fancy gourmet food rather than your average night involving pizza or French fries (which isn’t always a bad thing). You can take a break from the usual dining hall foods and spice’n up your food choices for the night. The food at Chef Night is cranked up a notch and extremely tasty.

Walking into Chef Night at Brough this month, I was immediately greeted with amazing smelling aromas. I saw a lot of curious students (me being one of them) looking at each dish the Chefs had created.

Coming from my stand point, and I’m sure many others, it’s hard to choose just one dish to try at a Chef Night. They all looked so good I wanted to try them all. One couldn’t simply try just one. I ended up splitting each dish with Chartwells dietitian, Ashley and got a taste of everything. This definitely was the way to go. Let’s just say I didn’t leave Chef Night last week hungry.

At the end of the night it was safe to say Chef Night is a night for food lovers, an opportunity to try new things, and get your belly full on some amazing food.


So here’s a peak into February’s Chef Night:

Chef Shawn, assisted by Chartwells Culinary Intern, John Harpool created a braised Pork Belly over wild mushroom risotto-topped with pommes frites and chives.


Chef Will Ft. Caleb created a Bifteki on Brioche as well as tzatziki & spinach, balsamic glazed caprese skewers, and roasted garlic hummus & pita chips.


Chef Chris Ft. Sonny created a Blackened Catfish with golden potato nest, and butternut puree. They also created a gluten free bread pudding with bourbon creme anglaise.



Cheff Todd created a Tuscan Bracoile with rosemary demi, fried polenta bites, and blanched haricots verts.


Chef Flint FT. Zach created an 8 minutes egg on top of chile braised chicken, mushrooms & arugula, garlic mashed potatoes, and blue potato chips.


Chef de Cuisine Garrett Payne with Chef Tim Walsh created a Apple smoked prime rib sliders with Pickled slaw, horseradish yukon mashed potatoes & cauliflower, and fire roasted BBQ corn.


Chef Mandy FT. Zach created the desserts (probably my favorite part) for the night involving snickerdoodle creme brulee, lemon blueberry cupcakes, fresh fruit tartlets, and buttermilk chocolate cake.


During Chef Night each month Chartwells campus twitter account @UA_Food host a voting poll to see what the crowds favorite dish was. February’s winner was Chef Garrett and Walsh with their Apple smoked prime rib sliders with Pickled slaw, horseradish yukon mashed potatoes & cauliflower, and fire roasted BBQ corn.

Mark your calendar! The next Chef Night is March 14th. Come try some tasty dishes from some amazing and creative chefs!