Beating the Stress of Finals

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but before you can go home and enjoy the season you have finals to take care of. Although finals may bring lots of studying, late nights, and coffee runs, you don’t have to let them get the best of you. Here are some ideas to help you beat the stress and stay on track this finals season!

Stay Organized

Try to plan out your finals week in advance. Take out your planner and write down the dates of all your exams and when your assignments are due. Next, pencil in times you’re going to study or work on assignments. Knowing what you have to do and when you’re going to do it can make things seem a lot less chaotic.


Choose Healthier Foods

When you’re stressed, its normal to want to grab the quickest thing or mindlessly eat an entire bag of chips. But if you aren’t careful, those calories can add up and still leave you hungry and wanting more. Sticking to healthier snacks, that are high in protein and fiber will keep you awake and fuller longer. Plus, you won’t crash later from all that sugar. Apples and peanut butter, carrots and hummus, and a whole grain turkey sandwich are just a few simple snack ideas that

Prepare Snacks in Advance

You can also take some stress away by preparing some things in advance. Take a few healthier snack items and separate them into portions for convenient and quick snacking. This way you can’t use the excuse that it takes too long to make food or its easier to just pick something up.


Stay Active

Getting (or staying) active is one of the best ways to get rid of some of that finals stress. Make sure you take breaks every once and a while to help keep you refreshed. Going to the gym or even just taking a walk will help to clear your mind so you can refocus on the task at hand.

Eat on Campus

Don’t forget the dining halls are another awesome place to get a quick and filling meal! They offer just about anything you can think of and many of the options are much healthier than fast food. Plus, they’re in super convenient locations so you can just make a quick stop on your way to the library.

Don’t stress too much! Study hard and you’ll do fine! Good luck and enjoy your break from all of us with Chartwells!!!