New Dining Concepts on Campus

Three new food spots have recently been added the University of Arkansas Campus: Rocket Taco, Flying Burrito, and True Burger.

I talked to Chef Mat Belzano, the culinary services director from Chartwells, to learn more about these new places and the food they offer.

Rocket Taco

Rocket taco is a student created concept now located in Founders. The restaurant offers a variety of types of street style tacos inspired from the flavors of Chef Mat’s Southern California upbringing. The aim was to keep the flavors of the Hispanic culture authentic throughout this menu, which is the reason that you won’t find any cheese on these tacos.

When it comes to healthier options, Rocket Taco has what Chef Mat considers to be “one of the best and most unique options on campus.” All the ingredients are naturally gluten free and locally sourced, the corn tortillas even coming from as close as Springdale!


All of Rocket Taco’s entrées are full of flavor, and that definitely rings true for their vegetarian option as well. The veggie taco is seasoned nopalitos (which is cactus by the way) with sautéed onions and peppers. Now that’s not something you would expect to see on a college campus is it?

Flying Burrito

Flying burrito has found its new home in the Union Food Court. This restaurant was one requested by U of A students

One goal that wanted to be reached by adding new restaurants was “to get rid of big concepts.” Flying burrito was founded locally by two University of Arkansas alumni, which makes it a perfect fit.


Burritos, Quesadillas, and Nachos are just a few of the options you have at flying burrito. For a lighter meal, salads and rice bowls are a good choice. They even have fish as a meat and every entrée has a veggie option.

True Burger

True Burger is the second addition to the Union Food Court. The new burger joint has taken place of burger king. The goal of adding this restaurant was “to create something simple with lots of flavor that was higher end.”


In addition to their awesome burgers, fries, and shakes. They also have veggie and turkey burgers so everyone is sure to find something they’ll enjoy.

Keeping true to the idea of keeping it local, 5% of every purchase at True Burger goes back to the school through scholarships.

According to Chef Mat, reviews have been great for the new additions. They have even relieved some weight from their neighboring restaurants. If you haven’t had a chance to try them yet, put it on your to do list. These new concepts are something special and don’t want to miss out!