Microwave Miracles

Microwaves have more abilities then just making popcorn. They can make a vast variety of things that can be especially useful when you’re in a hurry to class or don’t have time to take a break from studying and go to the dining halls for a meal! If you don’t have a microwave in your dorm room, no worries, most dorms have microwaves in their kitchens or in their common areas that are open for students to use.

I’ve explored the microwave cooking world and discovered many things that suit my love for food. For you sweets lovers out there I have a treat for you. I love sweets, and sometimes my friends and I treat ourselves to a quick and easy mug cake that is made in the microwave! I’ve tried various recipes, but I’ll show you my favorite ones that have turned out the tastiest.

Also, in this post I’ve gathered some breakfast, lunch, and dinner microwavable ideas too. I hope you enjoy!

Breakfast Recipes

Scrambled Eggs from Mr Breakfast



Omelet in a mug from Dashing Dish



Breakfast Burrito from Incredible!



Lunch and Dinner Recipes

Nachos from tbsp.



Baked Potato from allrecipe



Quesadillas from allrecipes



Pizza in a mug from Woman’s Day



Macaroni and cheese in a mug from Made by Monique



Dessert Recipes

Cinnamon roll from Cooking Classy



3 ingredient Flour-less Peanut Butter Mug Cake from Kirbie’s Cravings



One minute paleo choc chip cookie in a mug from The Iron You



Moist Chocolate Mug Cake from Table for Two

(For this recipe, you can also substitute the hazelnut chocolate spread for peanut butter)

chocolate cake MC


Recipe contributor Mackenzie Ladusau, Wellness Intern at Chartwells Dining University of Arkansas.